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Must-Have Fishing Tools Every Angler Needs

Whether you are an experienced or inexperienced angler, you can benefit from some must-have fishing tools. They’ll make your fishing trip a lot more enjoyable, and help you catch more fish.

Hook sharpener

Having a sharp hook can be critical to your success on the water. This will allow you to get a better grip on your fish, and allow you to easily cut through its jaw. It is also a great way to save time.

Using a hook sharpener is an easy way to do this. It can be used to sharpen metal, stainless steel, and bronze hooks. Some hooks will require a different type of sharpener.

A fish gripper is a handy little tool that includes a hook sharpener. It also comes with a carabiner lanyard. The lanyard enables you to attach the tool to your wrist or a belt loop. It is made from durable stainless steel. It will not rust in the water, and it allows you to hold the tool with one hand. The tool also comes with a measuring tape. It can measure up to 33 pounds. It is also made with an anti-corrosive finish.

Sharpening a fishing hook is not as hard as you might think. It involves a file and a little know-how.


Having the right pliers is an essential fishing tool. They are great for cutting fishing line, bending wire, tying knots, and removing hooks from fish. You can also use them for first aid.

You should choose a plier with a comfortable handle. Some anglers prefer spring-loaded pliers because they allow you to hold the tool with one hand. However, manual pliers are also effective.

The size of your hand is also an important factor when choosing a fishing plier. You might need extra length to grab the hook. Some pliers also feature a line cutter for easier snipping.

You can also get pliers with jaws that are designed to remove hooks from fish. These tools are excellent for dehooking toothy fish. Some pliers also have hook holes in the jaws, which help tighten knots.

When you’re using your pliers, it’s important to act calmly and quickly. You should also avoid digging the hook into the fish. Using the tool in this way will cause less damage to the fish and can help sustain fish populations.

Scrubbing brush

Using a scrubbing brush is the cheapest and most rewarding way to spruce up your rods and reels. For example, you can’t use a freshwater fishing pliers on saltwater fish, so using a scrubbing brush with a microfiber cloth can be a godsend. Keeping your rigs squeaky clean is a good idea for many reasons, one of which is to keep your angling skills sharp. Keeping your bait and lures clean is crucial to the aforementioned squeaky clean rods and reels. For instance, if you have a dreary day at the docks, keeping the lures fresh will keep you on the money. The right equipment will go a long way. Keeping your rods clean should also be a top priority, as should removing snags, flies, and fish eggs.

Filleting knife

Whether you’re preparing a large fish for frying or just breaking down a fish at home, a filleting knife is the tool you’ll need. It’s also a great tool to have if you’re deboning chicken or slicing fruits for salads. It’s designed to make precise cuts through the flesh of fish, while minimizing the amount of drag when cutting.

A good fillet knife will make it easier to clean the fish. Its thin blade will enable you to make precision cuts while the handle will help you maintain a firm grip.

For smaller fish like crappie, a thin blade is important because it allows you to cut the bones at a tight angle. It also helps to minimize waste when filleting. The blade also helps to make it easier to cut the skin of the fish.

A thicker blade is ideal for larger fish. It’s also important to choose a blade that’s not too flexible. Choosing a blade that’s too flexible can make it difficult to cut the skin off of the fish.

An 8CR13MOV stainless steel blade is perfect for both large and small fish. It has a high carbon content, making it rust resistant. It’s also hardened to RC 56-61, making it good for skinning fish without tearing.

Sinkers and floats

Floats and sinkers are a vital piece of fishing equipment. They come in a wide variety of shapes and sizes, so it’s important to know which ones are right for your rigs.

In general, fishing sinkers are used to drop the lure to the fish’s level. They also help stabilize the fishing line as the bait sinks. This allows anglers to maneuver the bait to prime fishing spots. They also help to reduce snags and alert fishermen to a fish bite.

A float is generally made from cork or foam. It is loaded with water and has an internal rubber tube. The top section of the float is usually colored, but some are made to change colors. It is important to match the float to the hook. It also helps to have a lighter weight below the float to raise it higher in the water column.

Some fishing sinkers are molded into a shoe-shape to allow the bait to be walked across the bottom. Other sinkers are elongated to reduce the chances of hang-ups between rocks.

Jig Eye cleaner

Whether you are a novice angler or a seasoned veteran, the Jig Eye cleaner is a must have item in your arsenal. Having said that, the tool is relatively easy to use, and a little bit of elbow grease will see you well on your way to cleaning up your lines. Besides, you don’t have to spend your life savings on it, as this tool comes in at an affordable price. Aside from the obvious, the tool can do it all, leaving you free to go out and catch that elusive monster bass.

Using the aforementioned tool, you can remove a snagging knot and a tangle from your line in no time at all. The tool also comes with a handy storage case that will keep your gear in one piece. If you are looking to buy a Jig Eye cleaner, check out the best deals on and save yourself a few bucks while doing it! The tool also comes with a one year warranty, which is a nice touch. The tool is also a cinch to carry, and it’s small enough to fit in your pocket, purse, or glove compartment.

Panfish Toothpick

Using a Toothpick is a great way to protect your prized jigs from scratches and dings. It’s a small and slick device that combines the best of both worlds. It removes hooks without requiring gripping. This lets you pull the lure off the hook without damaging it.

There are several models to choose from. Some of the more popular include the Tungsten Gill Getter Jig and the Northland Tungsten Mud Bug. They both feature a wider footprint, a flatter design and a 45-degree downturned hook.

If you’re fishing for whitefish or other species with a finesse presentation, you can get away with a small lure. The best ones will range from 1/8 to 3/16 ounces. Using this type of jig with a plastic or live-bait can be a great way to catch more fish.

Another must have device is the Rapala Fisherman’s Multi-Tool. It’s small enough to fit in your pocket and includes a beverage wrench and jig eye punch. It includes retractable line scissors and a multi-size line threader as well. It even comes with a pen-style diamond sharpener that’s great for honing the blades of a tiny knife.

Super line scissors

Whether you’re new to fishing or a seasoned angler, there are a few tools that you must have to make your fishing trips easier and more successful. One of these tools is a pair of Super Line Scissors. These scissors are designed to cut braid, mono, and fluorocarbon with ease.

Besides being able to cut braid, these scissors also have a scissor-style blade that’s great for snipping knots. They can also be used to trim super lines like butter.

These scissors have a compact design that’s perfect for taking with you on the go. They are also very sturdy, which is ideal for cutting thick braid. In addition, they come with a soft sheath that’s great for protecting them.

These scissors also come with a bottle opener. They also have different cut-outs that are designed to tune up different types of lures. They also have wire strippers and a screwdriver. They are also equipped with retractable lanyards. These features make these scissors a great choice for fly fishing.

If you’re looking for a pair of scissors that can cut both braid and mono, the Berkley Superline Shears are one of the best choices. They’re made from durable carbon steel and feature a double leaf spring. They also have a serrated cutting edge for easy cuts.

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