Oronzo Martellotta

Bottom set gillnets
Cuttlefish, European hake, Octopus, Red mullet, Scorpion fish
English, French, Italian, Spanish
My Way
+39 3356448215
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The vessel My way of Oronzo Martellotta is one of the biggest and most confortable available for hosting fishing-tourists!   Oronzo sails from Savelletri for fishing with bottom set gillnets and lognlines along the coast targeting Octopus, Cuttlefish, Mullet, European Hake and Red Scorpionfish, among others.

The vessel hosts up to 12 tourists and - under request - the fishing tour can be accompained by a marine biologists from the research Cooperative Serapia, guiding the hosts in discovering of the coastal and underwater world. 

“Pick-up” can be organized under request

“You Keep catch” can be agreed under request

For information on prices contact directly Oronzo at the number above or write to: info@cooperativaserapia.it.

Oronzo speaks Italian, but the researchers from Serapia can handle the reservations in English, Spanish or French and can accompany you in the trip for a deeper experience.


During the routes you can admire the wonders of the central area of the Adriatic coast, carachterized by long beaches with dunes and back-dune wetlands, interspersed with a rocky coast.

There are two protected areas

- the Regional Nature Park “Dune Costiere da Torre Canne a Torre San Leonardo”, in the area of the municipalities of Ostuni and Fasano; (http://www.parcodunecostiere.org/newsite/eng/index.php)

- the Protected Nature Reserve of Torre Guaceto, characterized by sandy dunes and beaches with its marine reserve. The exceptional backdrops, both rocky and sandy, preserve different animals and plants of particular beauty. (http://www.pugliaandculture.com/parks-of-puglia/protected-nature-reserve-of-torre-guaceto). 

Venturing towards the inner cities of the coast  you can also admire the cities emblem of the Apulia as Alberobello an UNESCO site, Ostuni the white city, discovering and loosing you self into the backstreets full of colour of Polignano a Mare, and others to enjoy and live the real atmosphere of the Apulia.