This platform serves the following purposes:

1) Resources are provided for fishermen (business model, training guides etc).

2) Useful links regarding fishing trips.

3) Creation of fishing itineraries for fishermen.

4) Search engine for public (called members in the platform) for fishing trips.

Pilot Testing in Trabia for the EU project TOURISMED

A pilot testing was carried out for fishing tourism in Trabia under the project TOURISMED. Licensed fishermen hosted tourists in their boat and taught them fishing techniques....

Preparation for pilot test at Durres municipality

The month of September is coming to an end and a lot has been done in preparation for the pilot tests. On Friday, September 7th, 2018, Durrës Municipality has organized a preliminary tour to Rodon...

Marine Fishing in Norway

Nice article about marine Fishing in Norway...

Useful marketing tips for fishing tourism and examples of itineraries

Useful marketing tips for fishing tourism and examples of itineraries...

Law regarding fishing toursim in Greece

Law regarding fishing toursim in Greece. This article is in Greek. ...

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