The month of September is coming to an end and a lot has been done in preparation for the pilot tests. On Friday, September 7th, 2018, Durrës Municipality has organized a preliminary tour to Rodon Cape, in order to test and determine itineraries of pilot trips and study visits that will take place in Durrës during the period of September - October 2018.

This preliminary tour saw as participants representatives of Durrës Municipality, tour operators, fishing experts, as well as fishermen of the hosting fishing vessel. With the assistance of the fishermen of the “Leka” Vessel, the participants made a short trip around the Rodon Cape area. During the tour, participants observed the site of mollusk cultivation. The boat offers the possibility to cook directly on board all fish caught and mollusks collected by tourists to be consumed on the spot. The fish could be barbecued or consumed fresh and vivo with lemon juice. For diving lovers and underwater visitors, immersions can be offered and instructed by the cultivator’s staff during any visit within the clear waters of Rodon Cape area.