Isen Bega


Key Info

Flathead grey mullet, Octopus, Red mullet, Sea bass, Seabream
Albanian, Italian
Rodon Cape


After the arrival of the tourists by shuttle bus from city of Durrës (around 11:00 am), the artisanal fishing boats will be waiting for the tourists for embarkation on board. Departure of tourists will be done from the shore area of Rodon Cape. After the embarkation, the administrator of the vessel/fishermen will explain to the tourists on board all the necessary safety rules.

During this itinerary, the tourists may observe the landscape of the Rodon Cape area. Also, they can fish with gillnetters, trammel nets and hooks, and at noon will be returned to the Rodon Cape for cooking the fish caught during the fishing trip.

The fishermen of the fishing boat that will offer this service will improvise cooking in open area (such as barbeque). Also, according to their preferences the tourist can enjoy the dishes offered by the restaurants of the area. Moreover, by the end of the fishing day, after testing of fish products, tourists will be accompanied to visit the old Church of San Antonio and the Castle of Scanderbeg in the Cape of Rodon in order to enjoy the wonderful landscape of the area and/or enjoy the traditional gastronomy in the nearby fish restaurants.

The transport back from Rodon Cape to city center, will be done by shuttle bus of the tour operators that operate in Durrës city, around 08:00 pm.



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