The TOURISMED program has main priority the protection and promotion of the natural and cultural resources of the Mediterranean region. The implementation of a model, aims to enhance the sustainability of the development policies to make more effective the use of natural resources and cultural heritage in the coastal and neighboring maritime regions of the Mediterranean.

TOURISMED is a program that will test a model for the promotion of fishing tourism in the coastal regions of Italy, Cyprus, Greece, Albania, France and Spain with sustainable approaches for promoting tourism and at the same time preserving the marine ecosystem and traditional culture of the Mediterranean regions. In these areas new ideas and methods are needed in order to reduce the alarming decline of marine resources, the reduction of traditional fishing, the negative influence of tourism and the traditional and ecological degradation. The expected effect from the exploitation of the fishermen which practices traditional fishing methods is expected to increase their income and help to utilize more effective the coastal heritage and local seafood.

Fishing tourism is expected to promote the Mediterranean cultural heritage through sea by fishing local products and traditions. Many fishing areas are located close to popular coastal tourist destinations, but the advantages of the growth often don’t reach fishing communities which risk to be marginalized. Fishing tourism can connect tourists with local communities offering a valuable experience both to customers and operators.

Fishing tourism can improve the economic condition of fishing communities in the Mediterranean area. The practice will enhance the enrichment of the touristic offer and new sources of income for fishermen. Fishing tourism can prevent young people from being forced out of the sector and encourage the participation of women in fishing related activities.

TOURISMED is funded by the INTERREG Mediterranean program. The total funding of the program is 2.1 million Euros. TOURISMED is collaboration between Italy, France, Spain, Albania, Greece and Cyprus and is funded by the European Union and more specific by the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF) and the Instrument for Pre - accession Assistance (IPA). The program started in February 2017 and will finish July 2019.