Fisherman Overview:

Boat Name: El Paraiso
Country: Spain
City: Puerto Castellón
Languages: Spanish
Location: Puerto Castellón
Phone: +34667671434 / +34689618389
Fishing Type: Inshore trawling
Targeted Fishes: Atlantic mackerel, Red mullet, Common hake, Seabream, Guilthead bream, Mediterranean scad Conger eel, Monkfish, Blue whiting, Four-spot megrim, Common pandora, Octopus, Cuttlefish, Squid, Royale cucum
Boat Type: Trawler
Boat Lenght (meters): 25
Capacity: 7
ToiletPickupYou keep catch

Available Trips:

Trip Duration:10 hours
Trip Start Time:06:00:00
Price per person:65 €
Free Cancellation: Yes
Period:Between 2018-10-17 and 2019-12-01
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